022: Charles Bird| Contract Club

Meet Charles Bird, the COO and Co-Founder of Contract Club. Contract Club is a Calgary-based technology startup that takes the stress out of paperwork. Think of Contract Club as a central hub for your documents, online signatures, and a database of contracts for you to use. Have a few great contracts that you are happy to share? You can share them on Contract Club and have a reoccurring revenue source. This company is being built by a very intelligent group of Calgary engineers, lawyers, and developers. 

Charles is the high energy COO and Co-Founder who comes from an agriculture background. He is a sharp business builder and knows what it takes to be successful. In this episode, Charles gives some invaluable advice for those who are building a business or working at a startup. What skills are most important when starting a technology company? How many hours do you need to put in? How can you build your network? Learn about Contract Club and one of the great minds behind this business.