Calgary movers, shakers and idea makers

A podcast about Calgary and the people that make this city great. Tidbits from Calgary's movers and shakers and also some other "stuff".  Keep your finger on our city's pulse and get the inside  scoop. 


The first 2 hours of my day are always the same
— Nolan Matthias
My leadership philosophy is you listen to yourself with empathy and care and then you act on that [following this] you listen to others with empathy and care
— Tanya Koshowski
We are done with mediocrity, there will no longer be room for mediocrity, but for greatness, there will always be room
— Craig Rushton
It doesn’t matter what you do, if you are a commission employee, you are paid on your worth. If you think you are not getting a fair pay, work harder and seek help.
— JD Methot
You might not be able to teach someone to be the next Wayne Gretzky... but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach people to be professional hockey players
— Andrew Browne, on coaching young entrepreneurs