021: Kristin Poch | Beatnik Bus

Kristin Poch has taken her family passion and put it on wheels. Beatnik Bus is a mobile record store that pops up in different locations around Calgary. Think food truck but with vinyl record sales. This cool concept comes from Kristin's love for records paired with a continuation of her father's dream to open a record store. 

In this episode, you will meet Kristin and hear the story of where this whole idea came from. Kristin also shares the cool story of where she found the bus and she takes us through her record buying process. You will also learn about how to get started with listening to vinyl and what equipment you require. 

In this episode, Kristin will take you through the challenges that come along with starting a brand new business concept and how you can overcome setbacks. Finally, you will find out what is currently spinning on Kristin's personal turntables. 

Enjoy this episode with Kristin Poch 





Photo Credit: Michael Benz