023: Kyle Fitzgerald| Archery Game & The Locked Room

Kyle Fitzgerald Calgary

Imagine your job is described as Hunger Games meets dodgeball - that's Kyle Fitzgerald's newest business, Archery Games. Kyle and his business partner have designed and built an arena in Calgary where you actually shoot one another with (safe) arrows. If that isn't enough, Kyle also opened The Locked Room in Calgary. The Locked Room is Calgary's premier escape room experience. 

Archery Games Calgary

In this episode, you will find out how Kyle and his business partners came up with the ideas for their businesses. How does one get into the archery game and escape room industry? (Sign me up!) And how much goes into building those escape rooms? Furthermore, Kyle has built a number of businesses and offers some great advice to those that are interested in starting a business in Calgary.

Meet Kyle Fitzgerald, the sharp, young, creative entrepreneur in Calgary.

The Locked Room Calgary