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We are very excited to have you on Ideas and Stuff Calgary! We designed this podcast purely to help build upon the exciting Calgary business community and give listeners actionable takeaways. Read through the tips below to be best set up for your interview with Michael Montgomery. 

Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media platforms. As a guest on the show, you will be heard across Calgary, throughout Canada and in some areas of the United States. 


First off, let's be friends

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Michael Montgomery

Meet The Host - Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery is the host. He is the Co-Founder and Broker of Renzo Real Estate, an independent real estate brokerage in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 

He also hosts a real estate podcast called Modern Real Estate Radio - a show created to help enpower Canadian real estate agents. 

How long will the recording be?

We target 20-25 minutes of airtime. Book off 45 minutes to give you a chance to get settled and a few moments to chat afterwards. 

Where will the podcast be recorded?

Most recordings occur at Michael's office (1206 20 Ave SE) but Michael will also come to your location if that is more convenient. 


Will The Podcast Help Me?

Absolutely! You will receive all the sharing links to the web, iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play for sharing with your own network and on social media. Your business will be highlighted through the Ideas and Stuff network. Plus, podcasts are the gift that keeps giving - listeners frequently go back to previous episodes. 

Can't make it in person?

Michael will send you a link at the time of your recording. Through this online platform, we can have an audio meeting and the recording will start in 2-3 minutes. We will say our "good-byes" after the episode for a few minutes, therefore we recommend booking a total of 30 minutes for the recording.

Do I need to bring anything?

We recommend bringing a set of earbuds/headphones. This is not required, but it can help make sure the sound is clear. If you are conducting the interview remotely (on your computer), you must be on a laptop or desktop with earbuds/headphones with a microphone. 

What if I mess up?

No worries, podcasts can easily be edited. You can restart questions or remove parts of the interview. Also, the podcast is professionally edited and normalized for sound before the release. 

What if I want my episode removed?

No worries, let us know and we will remove your episode. 

Download the following document to help you prepare

Here you will find common questions, some tips to help your episode standout, and a checklist to keep everything on track. 

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