• Michael Montgomery: Host & Stuff

  • Willemina Montgomery: Operations & Occasional Co-Host

  • Stella Montgomery: Bark Patrol

Michael is fascinated with people, their ideas, and their stories. Moving to Calgary in his twenties, he was struck by the community focus of Calgary and he was enamored (great word) with the passion of Calgarians. Pair that with his deep enthusiasm for Calgary's entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for helping others succeed and Ideas and Stuff was created. A podcast for Calgarians!

He wakes up at 5:00 AM every morning, asks too many questions, and loves cheesy dad jokes. He's also an avid weekend warrior, enjoying running and road biking in his spare time.

Willemina has a background in economics, real estate, computer programming and she knows her way around a good glass of wine. She is one of those people that seems to excel at everything she does and she is one of the best listeners out there. 

She was born in Holland, loves local restaurants, and knows how to spike a volleyball.

Michael and Willemina founded a Renzo Real Estate, a real estate brokerage in Calgary with a focus on technology. 

Michael also hosts the real estate podcast, Rev Real Estate School and teaches new real estate agents the ropes through online training.

Michael and Willemina are married and live in NW Calgary together with their rescue dog Stella. They can be found at local restaurants, Calgary events and walking Stella at Nose Hill Park.  

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