049: Zeina El-Sayed | Trusted Divorce Services


Meet Zeina El-Sayed, Owner of Trusted Divorce Services in Calgary. Zeina is a sharp independent paralegal, offering divorce solutions and mediation. Given her model, she can offer these services at very competitive rates and she has years of laser focused experience with divorce. 

This is a challenging time for most couples and there is no shortage of emotional turmoil, financial stress, and difficult conversations. Zeina is there for you throughout this process and she does so with care and professionalism. 

In this chat, you will learn about the divorce process in Alberta. If there are challenges to overcome, Zeina also explains the mediation process and how the overcomes some of these challenging hurdles. You will also get a glimpse into Zeina's life and she explains how she keeps work separate from her home life, especially when she works in such emotionally charged situations. 

Enjoy this chat with Zeina El-Sayed of Trusted Divorce Services in Calgary.