025: Zach Lyster | The Commons

Zach and Eyrnn Lyster
The Commons Calgary

Zach and Erynn Lyster own and operate The Commons. The Commons is a truly inspiring boutique co-work, meeting, and event space. Picture exposed brick, chandeliers, and velvet couches at work or at your next event. Zach and his team took the space from one room and a handful of co-workers to well over 150 members and over 16,000 Sq Ft.  Zach is an inspiring entrepreneur with a vision and sharp people skills. In this episode, you will learn how Zach and Erynn built the space and continued to add members at a rapid rate. We take a dive into Zach's past as he shares some of the hardships associated with building a business and you will hear the story of Zach the monk. You will not want to miss this humours, touching, and informative chat with Zach Lyster.