040: Teeka Drake | One Love Float

Treeka Drake

Meet Treeka Drake, owner of One Love Float in Calgary. If you haven't heard of floating, floatation tanks are sensory deprivation pods/tanks with water and several hundred pounds of Epsom salts. This allows you to float in complete peace. Many benefits come from floating including relaxation, natural pain management, stress relief, and chronic pain relief.

One Love Float Calgary

One Love Float is a home-based float studio that combines floating in a relaxing space where conversation and connection are encouraged. Treeka's approach to floating goes far beyond the tanks as you will hear in this episode. 

Treeka's story will take you from her first encounters with floatation to the building of her home-based business in Calgary. She dives into the challenges associated with building a business from the ground up and how she trusted the process. 

Part way through this episode, Misha White, owner of Amborella Floral, joins the conversation. Misha is an experienced floater and all around joy! She explains her experience with floating and the benefits that have come from her practice. 

Enjoy the episode with Treeka Drake and Misha White. 

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