030: Stephan Becker | ATB BoostR & "Fiets"​ Training

Stephan Becker - ATB BoostR

Meet Stephan Becker, an involved and passionate Calgarian. Stephan moved from the Nederlands during Calgary's downturn and built up his network through professional streams as well as road cycling. Stephan is the Brand Ambassador for the ATB BoostR - lberta's Crowdfunding Platform for entrepreneurs. He also owns his own road cycling company called "Fiets" Training. His company coaches corporate cycling teams and he is quick to say that cycling is the new golf of networking. 

In this episode, you will learn how to build a network from scratch and you will hear about the road cycling world in Calgary. Stephan also discusses entrepreneurship and what a day in the life of this passionate Calgarian looks like.

Stephan has such a positive outlook and he has a great story of his journey to Canada and the building of a network.