060: Nicolas Beique| Helcim Inc.

Nicolas Beique - Helcim Inc.  Calgary, Alberta

Nicolas Beique - Helcim Inc.

Calgary, Alberta

On this week's Calgary podcast episode you will meet Nicolas Beique, Founder and CEO of Helcim Inc. Helcim is a payment platform for small businesses all the way up to large international corporations. They have developed a great model where the customer pays fantastic rates and they have an integrated commerce platform. Plus they are a transparent business that stays true to their values and beliefs.

Nicolas is an inspiring and very successful Calgary entrepreneur. In this chat, you will learn where his idea for Helcim came from and he explores some of the challenges he had to overcome in scaling his successful business. He chats about the startup scene in Calgary and provides some fantastic tips for entrepreneurs. Don't miss this great episode with Nicolas Beique of Helcim Inc. 


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