008: Mathieu Plamondon & Kole Kuntz | BarCntry

Mathieu and Kole are Co-Founders of BarCntry, a Calgary-based dehydrated cocktail company with a focus on "slowing life down, one cocktail at a time". Not only is this one of the coolest businesses out there, these two are guys that you can totally see yourself having a cocktail with after a long mountain hike. We discuss a food/beverage startup, building a successful business, and some fantastic resources for budding entrepreneurs in Calgary. Also, you don't want to miss this if you want to hear where these two cocktail pros can be found around Calgary sipping on a Negroni or an Old Fashion. These two entrepreneurs are taking mixing business with pleasure to a whole new level with their startup. Catch them at their launch at The Calgary Outdoor Adventure Show

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