038: Lucy Dunne | Dunnebells

Lucy Dunne

Meet Lucy Dunne, founder of Dunnebells, an online personal training program designed by women, for women. Programs focused on burning fat and building lean muscle that will transform your body, mind and life!


Lucy is an Aussie living in Canada and she is building a thriving online business for women. Lucy has an amazing mindset and has a ton of insights for those looking to improve their fitness. In this real discussion about building a healthy lifestyle, Lucy gives us a peek at her path to fitness in her life and has some amazing tips for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. 

In this episode, you will learn a number of tips to stay on track with your fitness routine and you will learn all about a day in the life of Lucy. Lucy and Michael even dive into her move to North America from Australia. Enjoy this discussion with Lucy Dunne.