036: Kristen Liesch | Blue Switch Consulting

Kristen Liesch - Blue Switch Consulting

Meet Kristen Liesch, Principal with Blue Switch Consulting. Kristen is a pro when it comes to talent optimization in the workplace, and she has an immense amount of research to back up her solutions. Her approach centres around increasing diversity in the workplace for a variety of reasons and, notably, to increase your profitability in business. She consults with companies of all sizes in Canada and New Zealand.   

Blue Switch Consulting

In this episode, Kristen explains the importance of increased diversity, and she provides practical ways that employers can begin this process today. She reveals what implicit bias is and how we can catch ourselves if we are making unconscious judgements. You will also come away learning how Kristen found her way into this industry and hear about some obstacles one faces when building a business from the ground up. 

Enjoy this insightful episode with Kristen Liesh of Blue Switch Consulting.