053: Kim Kilback | Central Bark Doggy Daycare

Kim Kilback

Meet Kim Kilback, Owner of Central Bark Doggy Daycare in Sunalta, Calgary. Central Bark Doggy Daycare is not your everyday dog daycare and Kim isn't your everyday owner. The funky space is located in Sunalta and can't be missed with the stunning dog mural on the exterior wall. At Central Bark Doggy Daycare, your dog has the option of attending the Bark Park, Zen Den, or Dog Lodge. There are a number of cool services including Canine Massage by a Certified Canine Massage Therapist, grooming, events, painting with your dog, and DOGA (yes, yoga with your dog!)

Kim is an inspirational business owner. In this chat, she openly discusses her inspiring story in entrepreneurship and shares both the excitement and challenges. 

Enjoy this chat with Kim Kilback!