027: Jackie Chemelli | Lace Brick Design

Jackie Chemelli - Lace Brick Design

Meet Jackie, adventurer, entrepreneur, and creative genius in Calgary. Jackie and her team have built Lace Brick Design, a booming lifestyle brand for the adventure seeking female. They deliver jewellery, apparel, and camping supplies. Jackie is a social media pro and has built her Instagram following to 16K and climbing. 

In this episode, you will find out what motivates Jackie and where her idea came from. She walks us through the process of finding suppliers and how to build a brand in today's world. 

Lace Brick Design

You will also learn how to build a business around your true core values and how important this is to create a sustainable business. Finally, find out what Jackie was doing before she started Lace Brick Design and hear about a day in the life of this passionate business owner in Calgary.