BONUS: Graeme Edge | Energy Disruptors Unite 2018

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Bonus Episode: Energy Disruptors Unite 2018 is happening May 15-16 2018 and includes amazing guests such as Sir Richard Branson, Susan Cain, Michael Liebreich, Steve Williams, Dave Mowat, Holly Ransom and so many more. 

In this episode, we chat with co-founder, Graeme Edge and learn more about this unbelievable event. You will learn about the challenges one faces when organizing an event of this size and where this idea came from. 

Graeme discusses some of his favourite new energy technologies and tackles some challenging questions around where the industry has been and where it is headed. This event is born out of exponential thinking and from a place of seeing the biggest energy challenges as the greatest opportunities.

Graeme is a visionary, impactivist, and leader in Calgary. Enjoy this chat with Graeme Edge. 

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