062: Adam Legge | Adam Legge & Making Remarkable

Adam Legge

Adam Legge

On this week's Calgary podcast episode, you are introduced to Adam Legge. Adam is a speaker, author, Calgary leader, also the Director, Global Business Futures Initiative at the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. Adam has more than two decades of leadership experience and he is the author of Making Remarkable: How to Deliver Purpose,
Inspire People, and Build a Platform for Exceptional Results. 

Adam is well known for his role as the 18th President and CEO of The Calgary Chamber of Commerce where to transformed this organization into a dynamic and aware winning entity.

In this chat, Adam Legge shares his leadership journey. You will learn how he overcame the challenges associated with making large-scale changes. He also dives into some highlight from his fantastic book. 

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