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Jen Carlson - Thirsty Naturals

Jen Carlson - Thirsty Naturals

Jen Carlson’s new 100% natural skincare line for teens, Thirsty Naturals, launches as her second business since Canada’s leading baby food brand, Baby Gourmet. Carlson’s entrepreneurial drive has grown with her children’s age - first ignited through her baby food brand when they were infants, and now through her teen-specific hygiene line today as they journey through adolescence.

Jen Carlson’s entrepreneurship began 13 years ago when she saw a gap in the market for healthy and flavourful baby food for her own daughter. Thus, Baby Gourmet was born -  an organic, gourmet baby food line that helped develop the palate of little ones. As her children grew, so did Carlson’s recognition of the lack of quality products for their age and stage of life (see her blog post on this here). Her children are now young teens, and are the reason that Thirsty Naturals has come to fruition.

Jen is knowledgeable on talking about all things entrepreneur, raising children, and dealing with the often sensitive topic that is teen hygiene

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