044: Dennis Plintz | Dennis Plintz & Associates

Dennis Plintz - Sotheby's International Realty in Calgary

Dennis Plintz - Sotheby's International Realty in Calgary

Meet Dennis Plintz, from Dennis Plintz & Associates and Sotheby's International Realty. Dennis is a highly successful real estate agent in Calgary, an author, an entrepreneur, and speaker. Dennis is energetic, positive, and very creative. 

In this chat, Dennis takes you into his life before real estate and some of the obstacles that he and his family had to overcome. He takes you under the hood of his sale business and reveals what is most important in his business building. Furthermore, he walks us through his approach to fear and growth. 

For anyone interested in building a business where you need to connect with people, Dennis Plintz's approach is genuine and systemized. 

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043: Desiree Bombenon | SureCall Contact Center

Desiree Bombenon

Meet Desiree Bombenon the president and CEO of SureCall Contact Center in Calgary. They are innovation and totally disrupters in the contact centre industry. Desiree has built this amazing business around her positive and fun culture. In this chat, you will learn all about how she has built this business and how she continues to grow. 

Desiree is also on the Board of Directors at The Calgary Chamber of Commerce. She is also on the board for Children First Calgary. 


Desiree is a true leader in Calgary business. Enjoy this chat with Desiree Bombenon. 


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042: Vince O'Gorman & Brandon Karp | VOG App Developers

Vince O'Gorman

Meet Vince O'Gorman and Brandon Karp of VOG App Developers. VOG App Developers is a leading Calgary based development company and they have built some amazing apps for companies of all sizes. 

Brandon Karp

Have you ever had an app idea or thought "that would make a great app"? If so, this episode is for you! Vince and Brandon take you into what is involved with building an app and how you go from idea to finished product. They have some timeless advice for those that have a technology idea and they break down the details of what is required.

This is an amazing chat with some of Calgary's best app developers!

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VOG App Developers

041: Nancy Lowery | The Natural Leader

Nancy Lowery - The Natural Leader

Meet Nancy Lowery, The Lead People Whisperer & Founder of The Natural Leader. Nancy's company pairs business, leadership, and team building with horses. This unique concept came to Nancy in 2004 and she has been scaling her impressive business ever since. 


Nancy explains what horses and leadership have in common, and how the horses help move people out of their comfort zone. She dives deep into how she has built her business and the challenges she faced in going down the entrepreneurial journey.

This is a powerful and comprehensive chat, where Michael and Nancy discuss her horses, business, and life. 

Enjoy this episode with Nancy Lowery.

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040: Teeka Drake | One Love Float

Treeka Drake

Meet Treeka Drake, owner of One Love Float in Calgary. If you haven't heard of floating, floatation tanks are sensory deprivation pods/tanks with water and several hundred pounds of Epsom salts. This allows you to float in complete peace. Many benefits come from floating including relaxation, natural pain management, stress relief, and chronic pain relief.

One Love Float Calgary

One Love Float is a home-based float studio that combines floating in a relaxing space where conversation and connection are encouraged. Treeka's approach to floating goes far beyond the tanks as you will hear in this episode. 

Treeka's story will take you from her first encounters with floatation to the building of her home-based business in Calgary. She dives into the challenges associated with building a business from the ground up and how she trusted the process. 

Part way through this episode, Misha White, owner of Amborella Floral, joins the conversation. Misha is an experienced floater and all around joy! She explains her experience with floating and the benefits that have come from her practice. 

Enjoy the episode with Treeka Drake and Misha White. 

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039: Michelle Berg & Michelle McNutt | Elevated

Michelle Berg

Michelle Berg

Meet Michelle Berg and Michelle McNutt from Elevated. This dynamic, Calgary based company is in the business of creating exceptional employee experiences that matter. They are reinventing human resources and creating a new way of looking at your team's culture, onboarding, training, performance management, wellness and so much more. 

Michelle McNutt

Michelle McNutt

In this episode, both Michelle Berg and Michelle McNutt dive into some of the mistakes they see small businesses making when it comes to their employee experiences. They discuss some amazing tips to boost the company morale, and they even provide great insight into how to approach hiring. 

Elevated Calgary

Take a look under the hood of this exciting and vibrant company while taking a peek into the lives of Michelle Berg and Michelle McNutt.







038: Lucy Dunne | Dunnebells

Lucy Dunne

Meet Lucy Dunne, founder of Dunnebells, an online personal training program designed by women, for women. Programs focused on burning fat and building lean muscle that will transform your body, mind and life!


Lucy is an Aussie living in Canada and she is building a thriving online business for women. Lucy has an amazing mindset and has a ton of insights for those looking to improve their fitness. In this real discussion about building a healthy lifestyle, Lucy gives us a peek at her path to fitness in her life and has some amazing tips for those looking to live a healthier lifestyle. 

In this episode, you will learn a number of tips to stay on track with your fitness routine and you will learn all about a day in the life of Lucy. Lucy and Michael even dive into her move to North America from Australia. Enjoy this discussion with Lucy Dunne. 




037: Kevin Wilhelm | POD Marketing Inc

Kevin Wilhelm

Meet Kevin Wilhelm, the Calgary entrepreneur behind POD Marketing. POD Marketing has a new and improved method of marketing by providing their clients with a true, full-service option for companies and they have maintained exclusivity with their clients.  

This approach to marketing gives Kevin and his team a high level of dedicated service with a strategic approach. 


In this episode, you will pull out some amazing tips on how to market your business in today's world and Kevin shares some of his current, favourite platforms. You will learn how Kevin was able to build a massively successful marketing company in a short period of time and he will fill you in on where many small and medium-sized are falling short. 

Finally, you will get a peek into this successful entrepreneur's lifestyle and how he executes every day.



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036: Kristen Liesch | Blue Switch Consulting

Kristen Liesch - Blue Switch Consulting

Meet Kristen Liesch, Principal with Blue Switch Consulting. Kristen is a pro when it comes to talent optimization in the workplace, and she has an immense amount of research to back up her solutions. Her approach centres around increasing diversity in the workplace for a variety of reasons and, notably, to increase your profitability in business. She consults with companies of all sizes in Canada and New Zealand.   

Blue Switch Consulting

In this episode, Kristen explains the importance of increased diversity, and she provides practical ways that employers can begin this process today. She reveals what implicit bias is and how we can catch ourselves if we are making unconscious judgements. You will also come away learning how Kristen found her way into this industry and hear about some obstacles one faces when building a business from the ground up. 

Enjoy this insightful episode with Kristen Liesh of Blue Switch Consulting. 




035: Vince Fowler | Business Coach, TEDx Speaker, and much more

Vince Fowler

Vince Fowler is a top business coach, speaker, father, thought leader, veteran, and human. Vince has a tremendous amount of insight and has a real zest for life and entrepreneurship. Through his wisdom, experience, and skill, he coaches business owners to live life on their own terms. 

Vince Fowler

In this episode, you will hear all about Vince's story and rise in the business community. Vince gives an authentic look at the challenges one can face when starting a new business and he offers timeless advice for entrepreneurs. 

You will come away from this episode feeling encouraged, motivated, and focused. Enjoy this chat with Calgary's own, Vince Fowler. 

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034: Avneesh Kumar | ThinkTech Software

Avneesh Kumar

Meet Avneesh Kumar, Founder and CEO at ThinkTech Software in Calgary. ThinkTech is Calgary based software application development and digital marketing company who are specialised at various web marketing technologies. 

In this in-depth discussion, Michael and Avneesh discuss some of the important parts of web development as it relates to small business owners. Also, Avneesh dives into his story and path into web development. 

Think Tech Calgary

This is a fantastic discussion with the CEO one of Calgary's top web development companies. 

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033: Diana van Dijken | Baby Leaf Covers

Diana van Dijken - Baby Leaf Covers

Meet Diana van Dijken the founder and creator of Baby Leaf Covers. This genius product merges fashion with function. This versatile and stylish cover simplifies motherhood with a number of uses: nursing cover, stroller seat cover with a window, over your baby carrier, or even a scarf (to name a few). 

Baby Leaf Covers

Not only is Diana a busy entrepreneur, but she is also a loving mother and dedicated wife. In this episode, you will learn how she juggles all her responsibilities and has built a thriving business. Also, you will hear the interesting story of where her idea came from. Don't miss this episode with Diana van Dijken! 




032: Kevin Langman | Financial Rebel

Kevin Langman

Meet Kevin Langman, a born and raised Calgarian who is passionate about helping people live better, happier lives through smarter money management. Kevin started Financial Rebel to be focused on your overall financial picture: the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

He has some tremendous insights into money management in your 20s and 30s. Being a young entrepreneur himself, he understands the issues most young people have with the advice you read out there.

Kevin Langman Financial Rebel

In this episode, Michael and Kevin unpack some of the misconceptions around money management and how you can save while still having a life. 

Don't miss this awesome episode with The Financial Rebel himself, Kevin Langman. 




031: Melissa Fellows & Ryan Heal | TreeEra

Melissa Fellows TreeEra

Meet Melissa and Ryan, Community Manager and Co-Founder of TreeEra. TreeEra helps individuals and businesses reduce their carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change by community-funding the planting of trees. 

In this episode, you will learn all about TreeEra and the amazing people behind this organization. You will hear the story of where the idea came from and you will learn how they built this up to the thriving organization that it is today. 

Both Melissa and Ryan offer great insights into starting an organization and a movement. From hearing about their project, you will come away feeling inspired and motivated. Enjoy this episode with two great Calgarians! 




030: Stephan Becker | ATB BoostR & "Fiets"​ Training

Stephan Becker - ATB BoostR

Meet Stephan Becker, an involved and passionate Calgarian. Stephan moved from the Nederlands during Calgary's downturn and built up his network through professional streams as well as road cycling. Stephan is the Brand Ambassador for the ATB BoostR - lberta's Crowdfunding Platform for entrepreneurs. He also owns his own road cycling company called "Fiets" Training. His company coaches corporate cycling teams and he is quick to say that cycling is the new golf of networking. 

In this episode, you will learn how to build a network from scratch and you will hear about the road cycling world in Calgary. Stephan also discusses entrepreneurship and what a day in the life of this passionate Calgarian looks like.

Stephan has such a positive outlook and he has a great story of his journey to Canada and the building of a network.   



029: Jenna Free | You Ain't Your Weight

Jenna Free - Body Love Society

Meet Jenna, Owner of You Ain't Your Weight, Body Image Counsellor, and Body Image Coach. Jenna is driven to teach women about intuitive eating, and she has built a community around her of those who are passionate about positive body image and intuitive eating. 

With a long background in modelling, Jenna has experienced what it is like to restrict yourself and to be pushed to look a certain way for the camera. Eventually, Jenna became fed up with this lifestyle and decided she had enough. 

You Ain't Your Weight

In this episode, you will hear about Jenna's path back to healthy living from extreme dieting. You will learn about what it means to be an international model and how she was expected to live her life. You will also learn all about intuitive eating, mindset, and about living a happy life. 

Jenna will inspire you and teach you all about healthy living! 



028: Debora Sousa | 80/20 Hub

Debora Sousa Calgary

Meet Coach Deb Sousa the owner of 80/20 Hub in Calgary. 80/20 Hub was created to build a positive community that empowers and support each other in the achievement of one's health & fitness goals. 

Deb comes to Canada from Brazil and has an amazing and inspiring story of how she found health and wellness in her life. She has a background in volleyball but struggled with health following her volleyball career. In this real and honest discussion, Deb provides a ton of insights and shares her compelling story of her path to health. 

Deb and Michael take a deep dive into mindset and limiting beliefs in life. Deb has an incredible amount of wisdom and she also shares about her move to Canada. 

Learn more about Deb! 





027: Jackie Chemelli | Lace Brick Design

Jackie Chemelli - Lace Brick Design

Meet Jackie, adventurer, entrepreneur, and creative genius in Calgary. Jackie and her team have built Lace Brick Design, a booming lifestyle brand for the adventure seeking female. They deliver jewellery, apparel, and camping supplies. Jackie is a social media pro and has built her Instagram following to 16K and climbing. 

In this episode, you will find out what motivates Jackie and where her idea came from. She walks us through the process of finding suppliers and how to build a brand in today's world. 

Lace Brick Design

You will also learn how to build a business around your true core values and how important this is to create a sustainable business. Finally, find out what Jackie was doing before she started Lace Brick Design and hear about a day in the life of this passionate business owner in Calgary. 




026: Shawn Freeman | TWT Group

Shawn Freeman TWT Group

Shawn Freeman has built a thriving IT company in Calgary with a focus on small and medium sized businesses. He is a thought leader when it comes to business and entrepreneurship and he has a super interesting story of his rise in entrepreneurship. 

In this episode, Michael and Shawn discuss building a business, hiring employees, and some important lessons when you are in the early stages of business development. Shawn shares some of his top tips for those that are in the early stages of business development and those that have seen success in their business but would like to see more. 

TWT Group Calgary

Shawn is a very well connected guy in Calgary and he talks to you about building a network and some of his favourite groups in Calgary. Finally, he provides you with some tips if you are looking to be published in well-known media publications. 

You do not want to miss this amazing episode with, Shawn Freeman! 





025: Zach Lyster | The Commons

Zach and Eyrnn Lyster
The Commons Calgary

Zach and Erynn Lyster own and operate The Commons. The Commons is a truly inspiring boutique co-work, meeting, and event space. Picture exposed brick, chandeliers, and velvet couches at work or at your next event. Zach and his team took the space from one room and a handful of co-workers to well over 150 members and over 16,000 Sq Ft.  Zach is an inspiring entrepreneur with a vision and sharp people skills. In this episode, you will learn how Zach and Erynn built the space and continued to add members at a rapid rate. We take a dive into Zach's past as he shares some of the hardships associated with building a business and you will hear the story of Zach the monk. You will not want to miss this humours, touching, and informative chat with Zach Lyster.